Activations for the Workplace

Activations for the Workplace




Activations for the Workplace


Receive the following 10 video-based energetic activations created by Cyndi Dale, an energy intuitive, to help you soar at work.

Clearing Toxic Co-Workers’ Energies: You don’t need to own others’ energies or negativity. Clean any toxicity you’ve gathered and put up a better shield.

Getting Ready for a Meeting: Have a moment? Prepare energetically for that meeting.

Asking for a Raise: Call in the spiritual qualities required to ask for what you are worth.

Interviewing for a Job: It’s not enough to put your best foot forward or to present a polished resume. You must shine. Let’s take care of that! (Can be used for any meeting in which you have a request.)

Cleansing Your Workspace: Flush your workplace of negative energies and function as you desire to.

Think On Your Feet: Are you going into a situation requiring you to think quick? Take a minute and get ready with power-punching spiritual qualities.

Success Vibes: Build your personal energetic matrix that will attract success to you.

What to Wear: Sometimes the right clothes—and color—makes the moment. Use your clairvoyance to picture the attire that will light you up.

Writing Well: Whether you have to write a memo or a report, use this activation to open your communication channel.

Speak with Authority: We have to project our inner authority in the workplace no matter the situation. Learn how to pose a commanding but approachable presence.


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