Activations for Spiritual Awakenings

Activations for Spiritual Awakenings




Activations for Spiritual Awakenings


Receive the following 10 video-based energetic activations created by Cyndi Dale, an energy intuitive, to light your true self.

Meet an Angel: What angel has a message for you? Spend a moment in the state of divine bliss and see.

Gain a Gatekeeper: Overrun by others’ thoughts or spiritual interlopers? Get a spiritual gatekeeper and let them guard your intuition.

Transform Your Darkness: We all have negative thoughts and tendencies. Embrace one, release your shame, and discover the pearl that’s been waiting inside.

Be Your Own Clairvoyant Oracle: Open to an image that will answer a question.

Receive a Clairaudient Message: What are you concerned about? Let your clairaudient or “clear hearing” ability work for you.

The Emotionally Empathic Insight: What is that feeling trying to tell you? Turn it into a clairvoyant image or a clairaudient message and figure it out.

Body Knowledge: Your body is wise. What is that sensation trying to say?

The Shaman Journey: Want to visit another dimension? Let a spiritual guide reveal one to you.

The Wise Ancestor: What might a wise and loving deceased ancestor share about a troublesome situation? Let yourself meet one and find out.

Your Future Self: According to quantum physics, you’ve already solved this problem, healed this challenge, or manifested your desire. Meet your future self and discover how you did it.


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